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Jackson Croquet Club

In partnership with the city of Jackson, the Jackson Croquet Club has brought two Croquet lawns to Jackson, Tennessee. With the ribbon cutting and media event held on October 12th, 2016, Jackson is now one of the few cities that offer public lawns specifically tailored for Croquet.  

Bob Kroeger, a Croquet Hall of Fame inductee and winner of multiple championship matches, came for the inaugural game.


Jackson Tennessee Croquet Media Event
Grand Opening of the Lawns
Golf Croquet

When you think of Croquet, you probably think back to family gatherings, backyard picnics, and sending balls flying as far from the wicket as you could make it go! Fond memories right?

Take those memories and ratchet them up several notches and that's the stuff Golf Croquet is made of.

Golf Croquet takes the fun of backyard Croquet and couples it with strategy akin to chess. You have to think strategy, while accounting for shot accuracy. 

And the icing on the cake is that no one gets left behind. Once a wicket has been scored, everyone moves on to the next wicket.

Sound like some fun you want to get in on? Come on out and join us for a game!


Croquet Jump Shot
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